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2019 Vacall AE12/13 Hydro-excavator




VacAll AllExcavate AE1213 Hydro Excavation Truck
12 Cubic Yard Galvanized Steel Debris Tank
1300-Gallon Water Capacity w/ Electronic Level Indicator
Roots 11X25 DVJ (2900 CFM @ 27? Hg.) Vacuum Blower
Approximately (1367 Hours) on Vacuum Blower
Blower Inlet Filter Housing w/ 304 S/S Screen Assembly
General KF28A (25 GPM @ 3000 PSI) Water Pump
Hotsy WB9450 (700,000 BTU) Hot Water Heater
Insulated and Heated Cabinet Housing Water Pump, Hose Reels, and Plumbing
Cold Weather Recirculation System w/ Air Purge
8? Hydraulic Operated Vacuum Boom
Wireless and Wired Pendant Remote Controls
Float Level Indicator
6? Decant Port on Rear Door
Hydraulic Tank Hoist w/ Rear Opening Door
Cyclone Separator w/ DropBox Cleanout
Tube Storage Rack on Rear Door and Passenger Side on Silencer
Rear Mounted Strobe Light
Traffic Directional LED Ligh Bar Mounted on Rear of Truck
Two (2) Worklights on the Vacuum Boom and Two (2) on the Rear of the Truck


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