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Crew Forman - Aerial & UG

Full-time Employee

New York

NYC & Long Island




Depends on Resume/ability $25+


Experienced with managing crew(s), materials, job work flow as well as scheduling. Must have OSHA 40 and understand Safety as it is a very important part of our company.

Other Requirements

CDL, OSHA 40 any Safety classes. Must be responsible, punctual as well as able to manage linemen.

Job Description

Over see crew(s) performing Aerial and underground cable placing. Must be knowledgeable in aerial techniques and safety practices. pre visit new projects and check prints against field conditions. Direct crew/personnel to complete work functions such as Pole Framing/transfers, Place Strand, cable, snow shoes and slack loops. Respond to any pole damage or outages to rehang cable, etc.


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About Us

Family owned Fiber optic carrier. Great opportunities to grow with our company.

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